Tuition is paid in advance for all Music Academy lesson programs. Your tuition reserves you a weekly time slot and membership within the studio. The time of your lesson has been reserved and is unavailable to any other student. The teacher is also committed to instruct at that time.Therefore, tuition is neither reduced nor refunded due to missed lessons by the student.

It should be clearly understood that while tuition is paid monthly, it is not calculated by the weekly lesson. Your monthly tuition rate is the same each month even though some months will have five (5) lessons and others as few as three (3). Holiday and break closures have been calculated into the monthly tuition rate.


Required Lesson Supplies

Each student will need to purchase and bring the following to each lesson:

  • An acceptable student/intermediate or professional instrument. Toy or poor quality instruments cannot be used. If you need to purchase or rent an instrument, please discuss this with us. We are very knowledgeable and can direct your purchase of a quality instrument for your student.
  • Music method book(s) – the exact type of book(s) the student will need will be determined by their instructor at the first lesson.
  • Small Metronome

Academy Registration

There is a one-time Rs 3000/- registration fee for each student at the time of registration.Registration is discounted to Rs.2000/- for each additional registration from the same household..

Weekly Private Lessons

Academy tuition varies for different levels of teaching. You can opt for weekly 2- ½-hour lessons or weekly 1-hour lesson..